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The system will not record your random password, please keep it in a safe place.

Random Password Generator is a free online tool that helps you generate random passwords, you can choose the password components, including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, or special symbols (you can set your own), etc. You can also customize the length of random passwords and the number of random passwords generated at a time, and also support the generated random password security strength detection tips, etc.

General knowledge of password security:

1. Don't use your basic information as a password, such as your birthday, cell phone number, ID card, etc., because this information is easily accessible to others.

2. Passwords should be more than 8 digits long and contain special symbols, upper and lower case letters, and numbers, and change your password regularly.

3. Don't share your password to anyone easily. If possible, avoid sharing your password to someone because they are your online or real-life friend.

4. Try to avoid sharing one password for multiple scenarios, because once one of your passwords is compromised, all your resources are at risk.

5. Don't let Windows or IE save your passwords in any form, because the * symbol doesn't hide the real password, and in this case Windows stores it in some file with a retarded encryption algorithm.

6. Don't leave your account passwords lying around, and be careful to store them in a relatively safe place. It is dangerous to write your passwords on a calendar, or in your wallet, or on your PDA.

Dangerous password demonstration:

1. The password is the same as the user name, e.g., both the user name and password are "test".

2. Use a password with 8 or fewer digits. There are only 10 numbers, and 8 digits make up only 10 to the power of 8 = 100,000,000. At a rate of 30-40,000 per second, it takes less than 3 hours for hacking software to crack your password.

3. Use lowercase letters plus numbers of less than 5 digits as a password. The combination of lowercase letters and numbers is 36 digits, and there are only 5 times 36 = 60466176 possibilities. At a rate of 30-40,000 searches per second on an average computer, it would only take 25 minutes for hacker software to crack your password.

4. Passwords are consecutive or identical numbers, such as 123, 1234, 111, 1111, 0000, 123456, etc.

5. Use your own or a friend or relative's birthday as your password.

6. Use your own name as a password.

7. Use common English words as passwords, such as "software", "hello", "hongkong", etc. It is better not to use words If you want to use a password, you can add the plural s, or symbol after it, so as to reduce the chance of being guessed by the dictionary file; passwords that can be seen in the dictionary can be easily broken with the "password breaker" that is available everywhere on the Internet.

A tip: For your password security, the passwords generated by the random password generator are not recorded on this site, so please keep them safe.